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Accessing UKIDSS Survey Data
UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey - Data Access

This page provides links for those wishing to access UKIDSS data. To learn more about the science goals of the UKIDSS surveys, including the fields covered by each sub-survey, visit the UKIDSS homepage listed on the sidebar. The instrument itself is described on the WFCAM homepage, also listed on the sidebar.

Accessing UKIDSS Data
All data are accessed via the WSA - WFCAM Science Archive hosted by the Wide Field Astronomy Unit in Edinburgh, U.K.

UKIDSS Survey Progress Plot
Map showing data obtained and processed by CASU for each of the UKIDSS surveys.

Early Data Release
Information pertaining to the UKIDSS Early Data Release (EDR) of February 2006. Includes links to papers describing the design and implementation of the surveys and the UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey ZYJHK Photometric System

Data Policies
Policies governing data access, publication etc.

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