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This page contains information for non-UKIDSS observing. If you are planning on physically visiting Hawaii, you should also review the information in the visitor's page.
WFCAM Information about the Wide Field Camera including its focal plane layout, sensitivity, and other information you need on determining feasibility and constructing your observation strategy
Observing Tool All UKIRT observing, including service and remote observing, is done from programmes defined using the UKIRT Observing Tool. Click through for installation instructions and documentation on how to prepare your programme.
Survey Definition Tool For very large areas, you might find it easier to use the Survey Definition Tool to pre-define target lists for the Observing Tool. Discuss with your support scientist whether this is the right approach.
OMP Usage Notes Your entire project's history is tracked in the (OMP) Observation Management Project pages. You need to interact with the OMP in order to submit your programme, annotate your observing logs, interact with your support scientist and so on. Click here to obtain an OMP password for your project if you do not have one or if you have forgotten it.
Utilities Various general-purpose astronomical utilities that may be of help for observation preparation and calibration.
UKIRT Data How to get UKIRT data (both WFCAM and older data), proprietary periods, etc. If you use UKIRT data in a publication, please don't forget to acknowledge us.
Data Reduction Data reduction information on current and past instruments.

Contact: Tom Kerr. Updated: Fri Mar 4 10:15:52 HST 2016

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