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Running up the pipeline

Running up the pipeline

Type runup at a shell prompt to get current instructions on starting the pipeline.

Other things to note: If for some reason you need to stop the pipeline at any point, simlpy issue a Ctrl-C in the xterm window where you started it. If the pipeline is part way through a recipe at the time, several Ctrl-Cs might be required, and there will be a short delay before the pipeline exits.

If you suspect that the pipeline did not exit cleanly, issue the oracdr_nuke command to tidy up any crash debris.

To re-start the pipeline, use: oracdr -loop flag -from NUMBER, where NUMBER is the frame that you want your re-started pipeline to start from. You should generally re-start the pipeline from the first observation in a group. If you're not sure where the group starts, the oracom window shows you the current group number, which is equal to the number of the first frame in the group. If you're a group or more ahead of yourself, then see the later section on viewing or re-creating a nightlog file.

Contact: Tom Kerr. Updated: Wed Oct 6 11:54:13 HST 2004

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