CGS4 - Cooled Grating Spectrometer

CGS4 is a 1-5um multi-purpose 2D grating spectrometer containing a 256x256 InSb array, installed in a cryostat which is cooled by liquid nitrogen and closed cycle coolers. Four gratings are available, two of which are installed in the cryostat at any one time. They are a 40 l/mm grating which provides resolving powers of 500-2200, a 75 l/mm grating, a 150 l/mm grating which provides resolving powers of roughly 3000-8500, and a 31 l/mm echelle which provides a resolving power of about 37,000 (8 km/s). The 75 l/mm grating is rarely used thesedays. These resolving powers are achieved with the 300 mm focal length camera optics and a one-pixel-wide slit, which provide a scale of 0.6 arcsec/pixel for the two moderate resolution gratings and roughly 0.41x0.90 arcsec/pixel for the echelle (0.41 arcsec/pixel in the direction of the dispersion).

Tom Kerr is the instrument scientist for CGS4 and should be contacted with all CGS4 enquiries.