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The CGS4 manual documents sensitivities and resolutions and general information necessary to take data using CGS4. You can move back to this table of contents using the CGS4 icon at the top and bottom of each section.

Before using CGS4 you should have read the "Introduction to CGS4" and the documents in the online manual below  and become familiar with the contents of the documents discussing recommended exposure times, configs, execs and general observing procedures.

Check the "Current Status" document to find out which gratings are currently available in CGS4, news and planned changes. Please note that the configuration for semester 00B and the plan for semester 01A are available on this page.

Latest News:

With the delivery of MICHELLE anticipated in the near future, Tom Kerr will be handing over responsibility for CGS4 to Paul Hirst. In preparation for this, Paul should now be considered the first point of contact for enquiries about CGS4 and observing with this instrument. Tom is still happy to answer questions about CGS4, but MICHELLE preparatory work may preclude a timely response. When MICHELLE arrives at UKIRT, Paul will take over full responsibility for CGS4.


The CGS4 Online Handbook.






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