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Applying for time

UKIRT is currently supported by NASA through contract to Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center for exclusive support of a specific NASA mission objective. Through a Scientific Cooperation Agreement, astronomers from the institutions owning and operating the facility for LM/ATC, the University of Hawaii and the University of Arizona on behalf of the Arizona university system, are eligible to compete for a limited amount of observing time within their institutional time allocation processes. The United Kingdom retains a small share of time through their provision of data pipeline and archiving services, and are participating through the joint execution of one or two large observing programs, currently completion of the J-band HEMISPHERE survey.

Although we welcome the opportunity to discuss the future option of becoming short-term operations partner with both institutions and individual investigators, there is not otherwise a means for public access to UKIRT observing time. In extraordinary circumstances, the Director will consider external requests for up to a few hours of discretionary time; please contact Richard Green,

Contact: Tom Kerr. Updated: Tue Mar 24 11:00:20 HST 2015

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