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Hand-crafted in Hilo, Hawaii

All of these are one-of-a-kind items. I may make something similar again, but please don't ask me for two of the same, or the same in different colors.

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34" double lariat necklace made with a large variety of beads

34" double lariat necklace strung on softflex containing: turquoise, amethyst, aventurine, malachite, several colors of 4mm and 3mm Swarovski crystal bicones, weleweka seeds, Royal Poinciana seeds, and several different neutral color seed beads. Unfortunately I stored this not quite right (to put it mildly) and some of the velvet of the velvet seeds got damaged (rubbed off). I am not comfortable with selling it anymore, so it's not for sale (NFS) NFS

Royal Poinciana seed spacer bar and seed bead necklace:

30" 4 strand necklace made with royal poinciana seed spacer bars and olivine color 6/0 and 11/0 Jablonex Ornela seed beads strung on 0.019" SoftFlex beading cable. The toggle clasp and cones are base metal attached with silver plated split rings. The clasp is easy to replace. $65.-

Memory wire chokers:

Chokers are made on memory wire with Job's Tears, seed beads and other glass beads in different sizes. The Job's Tears used in my jewelry grew on the Big Island of Hawai'i in the Hilo area without chemicals and are natural in color. I don't buy these but grow, pick and sort them myself. I currently have Job's Tears in brown, light color (almost white), dark striped, light striped and light with dark ends (I call these "siamese cat beads").

Brown Job's Tears choker with 17 clear silver lined bugle bead and brown Job's Tear pendants $ 25.- Black and white pressed glass beads $ 30.-
Brown Job's Tears choker with brown sea glass pendant sold on Ebay (hilo_beads) Brown Job's Tears and gold colored seed beads choker with clear sea glass pendant. $ 20.-
White or almost white Job's Tears single choker (the first one of these sold a long time ago but I'll keep making them) $ 7.- White Job's Tears with white E beads and black/gray seed bead mix sold on Ebay (hilo_beads)
Brown Job's Tears with clear silver lined 8/0 seed beads $ 7.- White Job's Tears with yellow silver lined bugle beads and gold colored 11/0 seed beads $ 7.-


Pendants use authentic sea glass, from Hilo Bay unless noted otherwise, different gauges craft wire, Job's Tears and occasionally other seeds or nuts, shells, seed beads, other glass beads. Pendants come with a cord.

Green sea glass with a gold colored star. $ 7.- Green sea glass with silver colored wire and a brown job's tear. This one reminds me of a Christmas tree. $ 9.- Green sea glass with gold colored wire and a white Job's Tear with a gold colored seed bead ring around it. $ 9.-
Clear round glass bead in a ring of shell. $ 7.- Clear sea glass, silver colored wire and a white Job's Tear. This one would really deserve a reverse side picture as well. $ 7.- Triangular clear sea glass, silver colored wire and a brown Job's Tear. $ 7.-
Sea bean in a ring of Job's Tears $ 10.- Clear sea glass, silver colored wire and a white Job's Tear $ 7.-
Caged kukui nut. sold Brown sea glass, silver colored wire and a brown Job's Tear. Front and back shown. sold Almost heart shaped green sea glass, silver colored wire, a white Job's Tear and green seed beads sold

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