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Glass/Lampwork supplies

Other things

Sometimes I come across things (they may be vintage or not). If I don't have immediate use for them they will go in here, as will tools and other things that people who make jewelry use.


Hand made, so far all by me.


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HiloBeads' "other stuff"

Lampwork glass

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Chip strands

These are temporarily strung on monofilament but can be worn as necklaces as they are, 32" in length, no clasp:
  • Unakite
  • Leopard skin jasper
  • Picture jasper
  • Blackstone
  • Snowflake obsidian
  • Howlite (white)
I don't have very many of these. $2.- each.

Mixed gemstone strands

About 16" long, I don't know what they are. I bought them as an assortment, and I'm sure some are dyed. I'm also sure there are some jaspers among them. Various shapes and sizes. $2.- each, first come first served.

This assortment contained some strands that I was able to identify, and I'm selling those from $3.- (yellow turquoise + aragonite or something dyed to look like it).

Chinese marble agate, most of these are rather large, $8.-/strand.

Craft Wire

I have tarnish resistant Beadsmith craft wire for $4.-/spool (lengths in parentheses after the gauges) now. Colors are silver, gold and copper, gauges are 20 (45 ft), 24 (90 ft) and 28 (120 ft). This wire is made in the USA.


I needed new round nose pliers, so I bought some extra, not the greatest quality but they do the job, $4.-


I came across a necklace made of metal spacer beads. While I'm pretty sure the round beads are some base metal (shiny smooth 4 mm round beads with a rather large hole), the barrel beads inbetween don't look like they're the same material. While I now know how to find out it may be a while until I do. If you want to take a chance at that, there's 33 or 34 of them and they're yours for $4.- (each sort)

Gallery of some past items (link)

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