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Glass/Lampwork supplies

Other things

Sometimes I come across things (they may be vintage or not). If I don't have immediate use for them they will go in here, as will tools and other things that people who make jewelry use.



We don't have a shopping cart at this point, so your best way to order from the website is by email. unless what you're looking for is in my Etsy shop (botanical beads in some convenient amounts, and some jewelry)

Click on the email link to order by email. It will open your email window, and then type what you'd like to order or what you'd like to ask about. At the moment this is all one email recipient. I try to process email at least once daily but won't usually be able to ship until the next weekday.

If you find ordering from/through Etsy more convenient, I'm happy to list them for you in my Etsy shop. Please be aware that some prices will be higher. Otherwise I'm happy to send you a Paypal invoice.

Orders in Hilo and surroundings can be picked up or delivered, this depends on how big the order is and on how far away you are. Generally orders under $30.- will have to be picked up or shipped, but we may arrange to meet some place. I tend to go to the Hilo Farmer's Market on Saturdays in the late morning or early afternoon. All prices include Hawaii General Excise tax.

We normally ship by USPS priority mail or first class mail, mostly depending on weight, and there is usually a small handling fee to carry packing materials and such. Generally, the larger the order, the smaller the fee. Larger orders may be shipped entirely free, especially within the US outside Hawaii (see below).

We use some recycled materials in shipping, mostly bubble wrap and packing "pop-corn", but also the occasional padded envelope or box. This is to keep our overheads and your prices down, and at the same time to alleviate our island's landfill problems.

We accept payment by check, money order or cash as well as

(clicking the PayPal button will open a new window). Credit cards can be accepted on Paypal invoices (at least that's what I've been told). Please do not send any payment until I have confirmed your order and your total. If you prefer a Paypal invoice, please let me know.
Prices include Hawaii State excise tax and the difference between it and the price without the excise tax be credited to your shipping charges if you're out of state.

I keep an email list of previous customers that doesn't disclose your email address to anybody else. I will on occasion announce events I'm at or additions to the line-up. Please send me email if you'd like to be added to the list. I keep it personally, not in a Google group or the like. You don't have to order anything to be on the list. If you prefer, you can of course subscribe to the blog.

Gallery of some past items (link)

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