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Other things

Sometimes I come across things (they may be vintage or not). If I don't have immediate use for them they will go in here, as will tools and other things that people who make jewelry use.


Hand made, so far all by me.


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Glass and other lampworking supplies

Being a lampworker (beginner, but anyway) myself I always found it very convenient to have a local supply for either trying a new color (most colors are still new to me) or that "one more rod".

Since Hilo Art and Glass Supply closed in the summer of 2009 Hilo has been without a local glass supply.

After talking to the former owner who I took a lampworking class from, some local lampworkers, and some other people involved in beads and in jewelry making I decided that as I'm already selling beads and already have glass I might as well take on being that local "I need a rod of clear glass" person. Took me a while to decide on this, and I don't expect it to be a large volume of my sales, but I finally made up my mind.

For the time being this will only be COE 104 (mostly Moretti/Effetre and Vetrofond) and some COE 96.

I will not be able to carry glass around on a regular basis, but if you need a rod or 3 of a particular color I most certainly can carry that around with me. Otherwise you may have to come to where the glass is.

I do not intend to on-line or ship glass, and if you need larger amounts I'm happy to send you to my favorite on-line glass suppliers.

If you need a rod of glass (or 3) for lampworking, send me an email. You can try to call if you have my number, but it's likely that you get an answer sooner if you send email.

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