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So far all findings and components are on one web page


Findings, etc.:

At this time I don't see much of a point in putting up pictures of headpins, earring hooks, wire, liquid silver or the like, but the links are worth pictures, even if my current pictures are a bit blurry. To order, please send email.

Earring links:

Tierracast pewter connectors of the follwing styles: Bali style 5 to 1 links, garland style 3-1 links and "Melody" 2-1 links:

Each $1.50
Pair $2.50
Each $1.30
Pair $2.-
Each $1.30
Pair $2.-

Sterling Silver Wire:

Sorry, silver prices are getting such that I had to raise the price on wire. I may have to adjust them again at the time of sale too.
Prices are per foot. This is not pre-cut, so if you order 3 feet it will be one piece of wire unless you specify otherwise.

24 gauge (soft, half hard, full hard) $2.30
22 gauge (soft, half hard) $3.60
20 gauge (soft, half hard) $5.60
18 gauge (half hard only) $9.00

Liquid Silver:

Regular round and twisted square 4mm liquid Sterling silver, with no pictures yet. 100 of these make a strand 15 3/4" long if nothing else is used in addition. Package of 100 for $14.-.

Base metal earring findings:

Available in silver and gold colors, the silver color is surgical steel:

100 pieces (50 pairs): $4.-
50 pieces (25 pairs): $2.50
16 pieces (8 pairs): 1.-

Base metal headpins:

2" and 3" headpins (these are thin enough to fit through most fresh water pearls), silver and gold colors:

100 pieces: $5.-
50 pieces: $3.-
12 pieces: $1.-

1.5" headpins, silver color only, these are thicker:

100 for $3.-
50 for $2.-
20 for $1.-

Craft wire:

in gold, silver and copper color, made in the USA by Beadsmith, allegedly tarnish resistant (and it looks like it is, I have a couple of spools left that I have had a while): $4.-/spool (for 20 gauge it's 45 feet, 24 gauge 90 feet, 28 gauge 120 feet)

Memory wire:

I buy memory wire in bulk and cut to order.

Necklace size is in stock in dark and 'silverish' colors, $0.25/loop + $0.10/cut;
bracelet size in 1 3/4" silver plated, $0.10/loop + $0.10/cut.

Bracelet size memory wire is also available in 1 oz. packs in 2 sizes, 2 1/4" (the larger one, about 70 loops) and 1 3/4" (the smaller one, about 90 loops), in silver plated stainless steel, CreativeS brand, $7.- each.

$1 findings packages::

These are in no particular order. I'll sort them when I have all on here.

Memory wire earring hoops:
Currently only silver plated, 1 3/4" diameter, pair
(need extra time for larger orders as I make these myself)
These have an eye on one end and are straight on the other to put the beads on.

Sterling silver earring hooks: flattened with coil, pair

6mm split rings, gold plated, silver plated and antique copper (package of 50)

Plain clear eyeglass leash ends with silver color coil, pack of 6

Base metal "French" earring hooks, package of 16 (8 pairs)

2" or 3" thin headpins (fit through fresh water pearls), package of 12

1 1/2" silver color base metal headpins, thicker and rather stiff, package of 20


Plain clear eyeglass leash ends with silver color coil:
each: $0.25

SoftFlex beading cable, 30 ft spools, original and gold bronze color:
0.014" and 0.024" diameter: $12.- 0.019" diameter: $14.-

Sterling silver daisy spacer bars, 2, 3 and 5 holes. (sorry, no price yet)

Some of the sold or not for sale jewelry (Gallery).

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