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Swarovski crystals:

So far I only brought in bicones in 3mm, 4mm and 5mm sizes and some cubes.

What is in the table below is what is currently available, but prices will probably go up in the near future, i.e. when I run out of inventory at the prices I paid for the present ones.
I may not have the packages ready counted out in all colors in all sizes.

Swarovski's color chart


Color Package of 144 Package of 100 Package of 20
Crystal (clear) $9.- $2.-
Chalk white (opaque), Black Diamond, Jet black, Capri blue, Garnet, Sapphire, Violet, White alabaster, $14.- $11.- $2.50
AB colors:
Capri Blue, Emerald, Jonquil, Montana, Tanzanite
$15.- $12.- $3.-


Color Package of 144 Package of 100 Package of 20
Crystal (clear) $9.- $2.-
Chalk white, Jet black, Red Topaz (limited number) $14.- $11.- $2.50
AB colors:
Caribbean Blue Opal, Indian Red, Lime, Mint Alabaster, Morion, Rosaline, Rose Alabaster
$17.- $13.- $3.-
AB2X colors:
Amethyst, Aquamarine, Black Diamond, Chrysolite, Emerald, Light Azore, Light Peach, Light Siam, Rose, Ruby, Tanzanite, Topaz, Tourmaline, Turquoise, Vintage Rose, Violet
$20.- $14.- $3.-
AB2X, mix and match, 7 packs of 20 in the above colors: $19.-


Crystal (clear), pack of 20 $3.20
Jet black, pack of 20 $3.60

Firepolished crystals:

Firepolished crystals are different in that they aren't cut the way you get them but 'baked' (at glass melting temperatures) afterwards. Their edges aren't as sharp, but they have their own sparkle. I like to use them with tigereye, which has a softness in itself, and for that reason my main colors for these are amber and topaz but I have others as well. As I'm paying the same for all of these I can offer them all at the same price, $5.- per strand, $4.- each if ordering 10 or more. The strands are about 14" long.
Firepolished crystals, 4mm, regular (non-AB) colors
Firepolished crystals, 6mm, regular colors
Firepolished crystals, 4mm + 6mm, AB colors
Firepolished 8mm crystals, regular and AB colors

Czech Preciosa crystals

Very small selection at this time, 6mm round, aqua AB and topaz AB, $0.35 each, $3.30/10, $30.-/100

Gallery of past items (link)

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