So far all findings are on one web page

Glass/Lampwork supplies

Other things

Sometimes I come across things (they may be vintage or not). If I don't have immediate use for them they will go in here, as will tools and other things that people who make jewelry use.


Hand made, so far all by me.


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About HiloBeads

HiloBeads is located in Hilo, Hawaii (The Big Island), even if the webhost is not. HiloBeads is owned by Maren Purves and doesn't have a physical store. Locally, I'll deliver larger orders if this can be arranged, and for smaller ones we can meet at some place and time that's convenient or you can pick them up. Of course I'll ship, larger items by priority mail. Not having a physical store keeps overheads low and allows passing on good deals. You can sometimes find me at the Hilo Farmer's Market on Saturdays in the early afternoon, chatting with one or the other of the jewelry makers, not with my own booth (I am not a Farmers Market vendor). I usually have some beads and/or other supplies with me, sometimes including some jewelry, and some amount of beads in my truck. If you happen to be in that area at that time I'm happy to meet with you too, just send me email ahead of time.

As the bead store outgrew my truck I don't have everything on me.

All my lampwork beads are by now at least batch annealed.

I'm bad about acccepting and returning phone calls. I try. This is partly due to my hearing getting worse, partly due to me being rather phone-shy. I prefer email, I can read, honest.

About me:

I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii in 1987 when I was offered a job here. I'm an astronomer by education and a software engineer by job title. I work full time, which is one of the reasons why I don't have a 'brick and mortar' (which in Hilo would most likely be wood with a wood frame etc.) store, at one of the Mauna Kea telescopes, UKIRT to be exact, and a lot of my web pages, just in case you wondered, are "at work". We can do that where I work.

I'm a middle age haole person, married, with one child a few years past graduated college and 2 cats (I don't let the cats near the beads or jewelry though), who drives a pickup truck. I can carry some beads, findings, etc., around with me, andf usually do.

I guess the science and engineering background shows in the jewelry I make.

And in case you wonder: any jewelry I wear that contains seeds, seed beads, Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, semi-precous gemstones, etc. is for sale. (I just found out today that people didn't know that).


Due to work commitments, for the time being I'm going to be only selling on-line and by appointment. Please send me email: if you're interested in anything in particular, preferably a few days ahead of time.

I am not planning on any craft fairs this year.


Before Christmas and other gift-giving holidays I try to get to the odd craft fair, but currently only one day fairs. In 2008 I was at several Artists' Fair at Hilo Art and Glass and at the East Hawaii Cultural Center Arts and Fine Crafts Fair in November.

Opening this web-based and otherwise still portable bead store came about on New Years Day of 2008, from a conversation with Eva Anderson (now Terada), who owns Hilo Art and Glass Supply. She is a lampworker and teaches, and I was hoping she'd have beads again in her new location, but her reply was "this town needs a bead store" - by the time I got home it had a name, and that's how HiloBeads came about.

Other than that I started occasionally making glass beads, have some jewelry on consignment (and some sold to galleries outright), one of which is on-going on a regular basis.

The most recent updates can be found in the HiloBeads blog (which I have been neglecting lately)

Gallery of past items (link)

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