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Database Entries

The UKIDSS database projects are divided into two - general administration and upload blocks.

General Administration Projects

These are named U/UKIDSS/DXS, U/UKIDSS/GCS etc. and are intended for use only for general communications regarding the respective survey. At present the PI is named as contact and the co-is are yet to be added (there is one for administrative purposes and to enable inclusion of some description below). The OMP project listing page for these projects (which are disabled, hence no MSB uploaded to them will ever be executed) looks like this (Ignore the mis-spelt UKIDSS - it is cosmetic, will not be there for long and does not impact uploads):

Upload blocks

The upload projects for Science Verification are named U/UKIDSS/UDS1, U/UKIDSS/DXS_SV etc. General upload blocks for the survey proper will be named U/UKIDSS/LAS3, etc. The science verification projects are shown below. Use the feedback system for these blocks for communications regarding the progress of the block, keeping the Communications Channel project (above) for general discussion.

A Project Home Page

Here, as an example, is the initial home page for the DXS science verification project:

This indicates that Alastair Edge is PI and receives all email (including night reports when data are taken on this project), Omar Almaini is the co-I and does not receive email (the PI can change this by clicking on the envelope, which produces the dialogue shown below). Additional email addresses can be added by the database administrator; UKIDSS should specify their requirements.

Clicking the email link for a given user shows their OMP project associations:

Setting a password

This is done via the usual OMP password issue process. Go here, enter the project ID (e.g. U/UKIDSS/GPS_SV - it's case insensitive) and a password will be mailed to the PI and any enabled co-is (none at present) along with the UKIRT support scientist identified on the project home page. Note that you will have to do this step before you upload (because the upload process requires a password).

Uploading MSBs

In the OT, load in your completed science programme (the merged set of MSBs from the SDT, in most cases). Ensure that the science programme pane is filled out, e.g.

and click to online database (as below).

You will then be prompted to confirm the project ID and password:

Note that the Database menu in the science programme window is the only one which allows upload; the one in the main OT window (with the UKIRT image) is used for downloading from the database. There are good reasons for this (avoids overwriting the open programme for one thing). Once the upload completes you will see the following confirmation dialogue:

Note that if you intend to work on a local version of the database project rather than always retrieving from and storing to the database, you should save on file once you have stored to the database and this will timestamp your work. Any future attempt to upload the project to the database will check this timestamp against that on the project in the database, because the latter may have been changed (by the OMP for example, as a result of an observer Accepting an MSB).

Getting to your project home page

This is achieved via the OMP Home Page Selector. The resulting page looks like this:

...enter your project ID and the password you received by email. and you will be taken to the project home page as described above.

Other functions

Essentially all other functions of the OMP as they relate to feedback, progress monitoring etc., are described elsewhere in the UKIRT documentation (e.g. the Remote PI page and especially the Monitor Progress page).

Contact: Watson P. Varricatt. Updated: Thu Mar 3 14:34:14 HST 2016

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