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telescope gallery


Photographs of the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope. Click on one of the thumb-nails below to see a full-size version of the image. For more information about the telescope (geared for the general public) please visit our telescope description web page. Also, try our news items web page for all the latest developments at UKIRT.

If you wish to down-load and use images from these pages, please read the note below concerning acknowledgement of the UK Infrared Telescope.

Photo: A. Adamson Photo: A. Adamson Photo: A. Adamson Photo: A. Adamson
1View of UKIRT at sunset 1UKIRT on a sunny day 1Dome ventilation system (with Tom Geballe) 1UKIRT primary mirror (with Tom again)

Photo: A. Adamson Photo: the UKIRT Web Cam! Photo: S. Ryder Photo: S. Ryder
1UKIRT viewed from outside Frost/ice on the UKIRT WebCam! 6UKIRT bottom-end (with Stuart Ryder) 6UKIRT through an invisible dome!?

Photo: E. Mastroianni Image: I. Pain Image: I. Pain Photo: S. Ryder
4Driving up to UKIRT 5Solid model image of UKIRT with WFCAM 5Cross-sectional drawing of UKIRT 6Fog-bow envelopes the UKIRT dome

Photo: S. Ryder Photo: S. Ryder Photo: S. Ryder Photo: S. Ryder
6UKIRT peers through the dome slit 6Shadow of MK at sunset with full moon 6View of Mauna Kea from the air 6Ice on the side of the UKIRT building

Photo: W. Holland Photo: W. Holland Photo: W. Holland Photo: S. Ryder
3Lenticular cloud over summit ridge 3Lenticular cloud over UKIRT 3Lenticular cloud over Mauna Loa 6The infamous "Green Flash" from Mauna Kea

Photo: J. Davies Photo: J. Davies Photo: J. Davies Photo: R. Phillips
2Comet Hale-Bopp above Mauna Kea Telescopes 2A cloudy sunset - not good! 2 The dirt road to the MK summit 7UKIRT observes Orion!

Photo: J. Davies Photo: R. Philips Photo: J. Davies
2Star-trails above UKIRT (at right) 7Panoramic view of a snowy Mauna Kea 2Star-trails above the unfinished Gemini dome

Stuart Ryder (now at the AAO) has also set up a wonderful Virtual Tour of Mauna Kea. And more summit pictures are available on the JCMT Picture Gallery, courtesy of Robin Philips.

Here is a live image of the summit from the WebCam mounted on the side of the UKIRT building (note: if its night time in Hawaii the image will be blank/black). Other summit WebCam's are accessible from the UKIRT weather page. Also, if its night-time in Hawaii, try this wonderful 360 degree live fisheye CONtinuous CAMera (CONCAM) view of the stars above Mauna Kea.

A day on Mauna Kea. An MPEG movie showing the passage of 12 hours at UKIRT, compiled from WebCam images taken on a sunny, spring day.

Photo credits:
1Andy Adamson (JAC), 2John Davies (JAC), 3Wayne Holland (JAC), 4Ernest Mastroianni (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel), 5Ian Pain (JAC), 6Stuart Ryder (AAO), and 7Robin Phillips (JAC). Movie courtesy of Frossie Economou

Please acknowledge UKIRT when using our images

Pictures in this gallery were taken either by UKIRT staff or by visiting astronomers. You are welcome to download the images for inclusion in (for example) public talks, public information documents, teaching materials or web pages. In the case of a web page, we ask that you link the image to the UKIRT Image Gallery using the appropriate HTML, e.g.

If giving a public talk please mention the U.K. Infrared Telescope. In the case of teaching materials or other printed matter, please include the following short acknowledgement as a footnote or within the picture caption: "Photo courtesy of the U.K. Infrared Telescope, Mauna Kea Observatory, Hawaii".


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