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picture gallery

Click on one of the two panels below to view spectacular images and spectra obtained with the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) and its suite of world-class instruments. The data represent just some of the exciting science being done every night of the year - bar Christmas and Boxing Day. Many of the observations have benefited greatly from improvements carried out as part of UKIRT's recent upgrades programme. Note also that many of the images were reduced on-line (i.e. "live" at the telescope) using the ORAC acquisition/reduction software.

If you wish to down-load and use images from these pages, please read the note below concerning acknowledgement of the UK Infrared Telescope.

Click on one of the above images to access UKIRT observations of the cosmos. For more information about the telescope (geared for the general public) please visit our telescope description web page. Also, try our news items web page for all the latest developments at UKIRT.

Photographs of the telescope and summit are given here .

Please acknowledge UKIRT when using our images

Images in this gallery were obtained either by UKIRT staff or by visiting astronomers. You are welcome to download the images for inclusion in (for example) public talks, public information documents, teaching materials or web pages. In the case of a web page, we ask that you link the image to the UKIRT Image Gallery using the appropriate HTML, e.g.

If giving a public talk, when speaking please note that the image originates from the U.K. Infrared Telescope. In the case of teaching materials or other printed matter, please include the following short acknowledgement as a footnote or within the picture caption: "Image courtesy of the U.K. Infrared Telescope, Mauna Kea Observatory, Hawaii".


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