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These pages provide a general introduction to the 3.8m United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT), the staff and some of their research activities at UKIRT. They also include recent press-releases and news items.

  • THE TELESCOPE:  UKIRT is the largest telescope in the world used solely for observations at infrared wavelengths.
  • THE TELESCOPE PHOTO GALLERY: Photographs of the telescope and spectacular panorama atop Mauna Kea, taken by JAC staff and friends/visitors.
  • SUMMIT MOVIE: An MPEG movie showing the passage of a day at the summit, compiled from WebCam images. The view is to the south of UKIRT, towards Mauna Loa. Look out for the arrival of the observers just before sunset!
  • IMAGE GALLERY: A collection of spectacular infrared images of astronomical objects, taken by UKIRT staff and visiting observers.
  • CURRENT RESEARCH: Research being done at UKIRT includes topics such as the planets, moons, asteroids and comets within our solar system, star formation and stellar evolution within our galaxy; insterstellar gas in our galaxy and others, the properties of normal and active galaxies, and the early evolution and ultimate fate of the universe. The interests of individual staff members can be found by viewing our research staff page.
  • UIST ARRIVES IN HAWAII: . If you've ever wondered how we transport delicate scientific instruments to the summit of Mauna Kea, then check out this Photo Gallery, which shows the arrival of the UKIRT Imager Spectrometer (UIST) at UKIRT in September 2002. See also some of the Data taken during commissioning of the instrument on the telescope (when the instrument was first tested at UKIRT, in November 2002).
  • Press Releases  from both UKIRT and the JCMT
  • Pictures of the visit of HRH Prince Andrew to the JAC and UKIRT, July 1999.
  • A collection of COMET HALE-BOPP photographs taken April 1997.

N.B. To obtain a printable version of any UKIRT web page scroll to the bottom the page and click on "click here for printable version": this link is located at the bottom of the purple side-bar.

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