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How to Acknowledge UKIRT data in your Papers

The following acknowledgement should appear in any published paper containing data obtained with the UKIRT :

"UKIRT is supported by NASA and operated under an agreement among the University of Hawaii, the University of Arizona, and Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center; operations are enabled through the cooperation of the East Asian Observatory."

If you are using any UKIRT data obtained prior to November 1st, 2014, the following sentence should appear in the acknowledgement of the paper:

"When the data (/ When some of the data) reported here were acquired, UKIRT was operated by the Joint Astronomy Centre on behalf of the Science and Technology Facilities Council of the U.K."

Please use either or both of the above sentences as appropriate.

In addition, any paper containing data obtained during UKIRT Service observing should mention the Service Programme either in the observations section, the acknowledgements, or both. e.g.,

"Some of the data reported here were obtained as part of the UKIRT Service Programme"

Any paper containing data obtained using IRPOL2 should also include the following (or similar) acknowledgment:

"We thank the Department of Physical Sciences, University of Hertfordshire, for providing IRPOL2 for the UKIRT."

Contact: Tom Kerr. Updated: Tue May 10 11:18:32 HST 2016

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