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The instrument

Michelle is a mid-infrared imager/spectrometer which was built at the ATC in Edinburgh, Scotland. It uses a SBRC Si:As 320x240-pixel array and operates between 8 and 25 microns. Michelle offers several modes of observing, which include:
  • Imaging (67.2 x 50.4 arcsec field of view at 0.21 arcsecs per pixel)
  • Imaging polarimetry
  • Spectroscopy (R=200 to 30000, a ~91 arcsec long slit, 0.38 arcsec per pixel)
  • Spectropolarimetry

Spectroscopy mode:

Michelle contains five gratings offering a wide selection of resolutions and wavelengths. Any grating can be selected in a couple of minutes so observers are not limited to one or two gratings per run. Each can be used with different slits, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8-pixels (0".38, 0".76 etc) wide, all of which are approximately 91 arcseconds long. Resolving powers range from 200 to 30,000.

Imaging mode:

Eleven filters are available, both broad and narrow band, and cover the wavelength range from 8 to 25 microns. Available filters, including passbands, can be found in the Michelle planning applet.

Sensitivities & planning applet
Observation preparation
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Technical Manual

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